Should Debate Moderator Lester Holt Fact-Check the Candidates?

Should he or shouldn’t he? Should debate moderator Lester Holt “fact-check” the candidates?  That is one of the big questions about tonight’s debate at Hofstra, University.

IMHO Being a moderator at a debate is a lot like being an umpire at a baseball game. If you leave the game talking about the umpire it means the umpire screwed up. But just like major decisions in my household, the question of fact-checking is not my decision; it’s the moderator’s and there is pressure on him from team Clinton and the liberal media to play truth police as well as moderate the debate.

In 2012, Candy Crowley was more than a moderator at the Hofstra descreen-shot-2012-10-16-at-5-55-25-pmbate. She was an active participant not allowing Romney to answer Obama’s attacks, and incorrectly fact-checking the Republican candidate.

The Hofstra debate in 2012 will always be known as the one Candy Crowley screwed up. It is also known as the one where Candy Crowley stalked me. I was in the spin room for that debate and she kept trying to take over my computer. That experience is one of the reasons I decided not to go this year (well that and the fact that I didn’t get credentialed).

Candy Crowley’s faux pas changed the momentum of the race. Barack Obama lost the first debate badly, and Romney was winning debate number two, until Crowley got involved.

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