Should Americans Entrust Hillary With Access to THIS When She Can’t Even Secure Her Emails?

No one seems to be stating the obvious: The email hacking has taken place on Obama’s watch. In addition, why is it that whoever did the hacking were able to find the so-called missing emails but the FBI and other agencies could not?

The Democrats are in panic mode. They’re blaming Trump and the Russians which is just another way of blaming Obama. Trump didn’t hack the servers. His masterful press conference the other day made fools of the media, Obama, and Hillary. Why would anyone want this woman as President when she left the door open to a seemingly secure server? Maybe she’ll do the same thing with the nuclear launch codes.

Here’s something Trump can use against Hillary on the campaign trail:

“If Hillary can’t keep her emails secure, do you want to trust her with our nuclear launch codes?”

In addition, the revelation of these emails, if they are in the hands of the Russians, makes the FBI investigation of Hillary a farce. It wasn’t that Hillary didn’t intend to do something wrong, she has made the United States vulnerable because of her ineptness.

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It also makes our intelligence divisions look stupid. Some hacker could find the emails but not the FBI? Or more likely, the Obama Administration did not want the emails found in order to protect Obama’s legacy. If Hillary loses in November, much of what Obama has put into place could be hacked by Trump.

Obama needs Hillary to win in order to secure his legacy or maybe Obama needs Hillary to win in order to keep her from revealing some secrets about him. Maybe that’s what Bill Clinton discussed with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in Phoenix.

Like when Don Corleone sent his consigliere, Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall), to meet with the “Hollywood big shot” movie producer Jack Woltz to “reason” with him.

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