Shots Fired! Chaffetz Calls Sessions a ‘Worthless Attorney General’

Former Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz blasted Attorney General Jeff Sessions for being “worthless” and not doing his job. He said that we need to “get rid of him.”

Chaffetz isn’t the first to slam Sessions or demand his resignation. Many people believe that he has been slacking in his position and called him out for the DOJ’s refusal to cooperate with Congress.

Fox News Insider reports: 

Sessions recused himself from the FBI’s Russia probe in early March after acknowledging that he had had two previously undisclosed encounters with the Russian ambassador during Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. He said it would be improper for him to oversee a probe into a campaign for which he was a vocal and prominent supporter.

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That eventually led to the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which infuriated President Trump.

“He’s conflicted himself out of his this,” Chaffetz continued, “He should resign or step down or the president should fire him. He’s a worthless attorney general. … Let’s get rid of him. Have a real attorney general.”

“I don’t believe Donald Trump is serving the country and himself and anybody else by having the attorney general that he has in place,” he added.

Chaffetz said he respects the rank-and-file agents at the FBI and Justice, but many high-level officials are clearly biased and politically motivated. Despite that, he said, Sessions has been unwilling to take action and fix major systemic issues at the Justice Department.

Sessions was a decent Senator but his time as attorney general is looking to be more reckless than anything.

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