Shocking New Video Proves Planned Parenthood is Hiding Profits from Illegally Selling Aborted Baby Parts!


In recent weeks prosecutors in the state of Texas unjustly announced that they would be allowing Planned Parenthood to walk away from an investigation scot-free but that the investigator who uncovered copious amounts of malfeasance at the abortion giant would face prosecution! The scandal has unfolded into one of the most disgusting and egregious miscarriages of justice in recent memory. However, all of the scrutiny that the Center for Medical Progress and their leader David Daleiden are currently suffering under hasn’t stopped them from continuing to crusade for justice.

On Wednesday, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released their latest undercover video, proving that Planned Parenthood is using illegal accounting tricks to hide the profits that they’ve generated from selling aborted baby body parts.

This latest video focuses in on two separate discussions – one with Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s (PPGC) Melissa Farrell and another with PPGC CEO Melaney Linton. In the two discussions, both women explain how PPGC uses accounting gimmicks and rhetorical tricks to hide their profits.

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“We had two levels of invoicing for them. We had it worded as ‘per consent,’” explains Farrell as she describes a previous fetal tissue deal that took place at PPGC. Farrell indicates that “per consent” is the phrase used in PPGC budgeting in place of “per specimen” for fetal tissue.

The video then goes on to show how through the use of these billing gimmicks Planned Parenthood essentially issues two different sets of invoices for one transaction, and in this way, hides the profits that they make from selling the parts of aborted children.

And here’s the full video with Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast CEO Melaney Linton.

From LifeNews:

The video focuses on invoices obtained by Operation Rescue’s Texas attorney Briscoe Cain through Freedom of Information Act requests and connects the dots to Planned Parenthood’s duplicitous book-keeping scheme with clips from the CMP’s undercover investigation at the Houston Planned Parenthood, one of the largest volume late-term abortion facilities in the country.

“The invoices clearly show how Planned Parenthood padded invoices in such a way as to hide the fact they were making illegal profits,” said Operation Rescue Senior Vice President Cheryl Sullenger. “This is not only hard evidence that Planned Parenthood broke the law, but also shows that The Harris County grand jury indicted the wrong people.”

The documents are invoices signed by Melissa Farrell, director of research at the Planned Parenthood affiliate in Houston, sent to the University of Texas Medical Branch in 2010 and 2011.

Please make sure to go over to LifeNews to read more about the CMP investigation and to learn the specifics uncovered in each of the undercover videos.

Also, check out what Pastor Douglas Wilson has to say about the entire scandalous investigation into Planned Parenthood’s disgusting behavior and our nation’s corporate sin.

In response to this unconscionable indictment, the Center for Medical Progress has courageously released another video — and good on them. This is a showdown, and we need to not blink. We need to help the CMP to not blink.

If the indictment is not thrown out ipso pronto, to use the technical legal phrase, then Gov. Abbott of Texas should simply pardon them. Or rather, he should promise to pardon them if they are eventually convicted of anything — because while they are on trial they can use the process of discovery to perhaps uncover more than their videos ever did. The promise of a gubernatorial pardon will mean that the bad guys, regardless of what they do, will be in a lose/lose situation.

In addition, every candidate for president needs to be pressed on this same question. We are now in the midst of primary season, which means that many ordinary citizens will have opportunity to ask such questions. The question should have two parts — if Daleiden and Merritt are convicted, and if that case wends its way into the federal system, can you commit yourself to a presidential pardon for them? And secondly, would you be willing to consider awarding them the Medal of Freedom regardless of the status of their case?

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