Shocking! 19 Year Old Arrested for Burning Koran

In the West we pretend to value our rights and freedoms that have been passed down to us through many generations – beginning before our nation was even created.

But this latest story from Great Britain seems to offer proof that freedom just isn’t what it used to be… not since Islam came to town.

A 19-year-old man from Leeds in the United Kingdom was ARRESTED because of an “offensive” video he posted on his social media. The video shows a man ripping apart an English translation of the Koran with his teeth, before putting it in the toilet and then setting it on fire.

The suspect was arrested from an address in Beeston, Leeds, on suspicion of a racially or religiously aggravated public order offence.

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quran-burningSuperintendent Mabs Hussain, of Leeds District Police, said: “Due to the nature of this offence, any decision to charge must be taken by the Director of Public Prosecutions. We are currently preparing an advice file which we will be submitting to the Crown Prosecution Service in due course. In the meantime the arrested man has been released on bail to an alternative location.

“We are aware of strong feelings expressed by a number of people in response to this video. We would again urge people to allow this investigation to run its course and remind members of the public that we will take robust action against anyone who acts outside of the law.”

The original article expresses that police may have originally picked the man up for his own good because of the flood of threats that came in against him… however, they also received numerous complaints about the offensive nature of the video.

I don’t think the “for his own good’ story holds much water, because if they detained him for his own safety, why did it take him paying bail to be released again?

The honest truth is that Great Britain is no longer the “free” nation with which we once shared so much in common. Now, offending other people has become a crime.

What has become of us if we are now seriously entertaining the idea that people should be arrested for exhibiting “offensive” behavior? How will the artist, comedian, actor or preacher survive?

The obvious double standard that arises with these legal codes is also a cause for concern. Does anyone seriously believe that the police would have arrested a Muslim man for burning a Bible? England has been arresting street preachers for speaking out against homosexuality – would they also arrest a gay couple for speaking out against Christianity if a Christian were to complain about being offended? Of course not! The double standard is disgusting and obvious.

We are literally destroying ourselves with this politically correct liberal nonsense — and it has to stop.

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