Shocker: California Ranked LAST in ‘Quality of Life’

Who would have ever thought that California would be ranked in DEAD LAST place for quality of life in the United States? Oh, that’s right. Everyone.

Teeming with sanctuary cities, illegal immigrants, and liberals (ick), they have literally become the sh**hole of America. At least that’s how I imagine President Trump would explain it.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld is originally from California, and he commented on new ranking of his home state.

“Being number one really means you’re number two,” he continued, “It’s impossible to live there unless you’re super rich or homeless.”

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Fox News Insider reports:

Gutfeld said the survey looked at personal opportunity, infrastructure and crime.

Gutfeld used the example of an apparent U-Haul surcharge on outbound travel with the truck rental company.

To go from San Francisco to Dallas costs $3,206, but the return trip only costs $1,128.

He said that disparity was a product of the mass exodus of people from the Bay Area.

Gutfeld added that in Los Angeles County, there are 55,000 homeless people, making the area look like a “post-apocalyptic wasteland” in some places.

Gutfeld pointed out that the “Golden State” spent MILLIONS last year alone on San Fransisco streets. However, the millions weren’t spent on roads or infrastructures….but rather cleaning up human feces!

Can you say, “GAG”?

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