Shocked Mother Took First Look at Newborn, Immediately Asked: ‘Is This My Baby?’

Catherine and Richard Howarth found themselves staring into the eyes of a ‘one-in-a-million’ baby when Catherine gave birth.

The newlywed couple were ecstatic to bring their baby boy into the world. They likely spent a lot of time wondering just how their child would look, considering that Richard had pale skin and red hair, while Catherine was of Nigerian descent.


After a long, exhausting labor, their beautiful baby made his debut. Although Catherine was “drowsy on the narcotics,” she couldn’t wait to hold her new bundle of joy. However, when the nurse handed him to her, she looked down and immediately asked, “Is this my baby?

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Their baby boy came out white like his father, with bright blue eyes!

Richard was also surprised and said, “They placed Jonah on Catherine’s stomach and that was when I saw him first and then they gave him to Catherine.”

Catherine said, “I looked and I said, ‘wow!’ You know, as a first time mother I said wow I can’t believe I created him. And I just fell in love with him instantly.”

Uplift reports:


It is common that babies from a mixed-race couple appear to be brighter at birth, but Catherine noted that Jonah’s ears are just as white as his face and hands. The ears are normally the indicator that gives the actual skin color away.

The couple consulted with Dr. Emily Grossman, who specializes in genetics, to solve the mystery of Jonah’s skin color. The precious baby boy just resembles his mother’s features perfectly, but has his father’s skin tone.

“The doctor’s said that it was a one in a million chance. There is one explanation that could explain why that would be,”Dr. Grossman commented on the spectacular case.

“Contrary to eye color, skin color is controlled by up to 20 different genes rather than just one as with eye color—each of which has a small effect on color. You have almost infinite combinations of different colors from two different colored parents,” she explained. “It is totally, totally by chance.”

“We get so much attention just walking down the street. We always get stopped by people asking. First of all: he is such a cute baby. You should put him into baby modelling.” Catherine said.

She added, ,”The first question they ask is: is he really yours? And they want to know the story straight away,” she said, “[but] he loves the attention. He is a very smiley baby. He loves different faces and is very sociable” Catherine said.

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