Shock Report: Congress says Planned Parenthood Profited from Sale of Baby Organs!

A shocking new report was just released by the U.S. House Select Panel on Infant Lives and its findings could do much to shape the next step in the fight against abortion in America.

Earlier this week the panel released its findings, explaining that they’ve concluded that Planned Parenthood has indeed been profiting from the sale of the organs of dead babies.

The new twist on the abortion scandal first came to light last year when the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), led by the heroic efforts of their leader, David Daleiden, used undercover video to prove the rank lawlessness within the abortion industry. Over the course of several months CMP released more than a dozen videos proving the heinous disregard for life and law that the abortion industry displays. Through years of dedicated undercover work they carefully built themselves a meticulously crafted cover ID, and then began laying the groundwork to find out what was really happening behind the closed doors of abortion facilities and the immoral research companies who partner with. What CMP found was shocking, and yet it seemingly changed nothing.

In fact, the only person to suffer for the MANY crimes committed by Planned Parenthood and their compatriots has been CMP’s leader David Daleiden. Daleiden has been arrested and persecuted unjustly by the liberal baby murdering cult and their lackeys in the government. The states of Texas and California have both blinded themselves to the crimes of the abortionists while seeking to punish Daleiden for his important work.

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Planned ParenthoodBut perhaps the new report will begin to change all of this.

The panel concluded that abortion clinics incur no additional costs in harvesting organs obtained from an already-aborted baby and that the sale or transfer of those organs represented “pure profit” for the clinic.

“The [abortion clinic] has no costs so the payments from the [procurement business] to the [abortion clinic] are pure profit,” the report concludes. “All costs are born by the [procurement business] or the customer. The payments from the customer to the PB exceed its cost by a factor of 300 to 400 percent.”

Pro-life activists said those practices run counter to federal law, which bars clinics from profiting off of the sale of baby body parts.

“The abortion industry sells baby hearts, livers, brains, hands and other organs procured by a middleman company inside their facilities at no cost or effort to the facilities themselves. The facility receives upfront fees that can amount to five-figure sums every month and then the procurement companies resell organs for tens of thousands more—depending on the child’s characteristics,” Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, said in a release. The documents make clear there is absolutely no cost to the abortion clinic so that all monies received go to their bottom line.”

Abortion is our national sin. Since the Roe V. Wade decision, more than 65 million children have been murdered, and their murderers have been legally protected by our very own government. It is a heinous and disgusting history, and we must continue to fight back against those who would normalize the evil practice. Hopefully, with this new House report we’ll begin to gain more traction in the fight against the liberals’ murderous agenda.


You can read the preliminary report from the House committee here.

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