Shock Poll: Trump SURGING Among Black and Hispanic Voters!

Over the last few weeks GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has been making steady gains against his presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton. As recently as early August some polls had him trailing the Democrat by some 15 points, but that is now a distant memory as most of the recent polling has the two candidates neck and neck. In fact, on Wednesday, 3 different polls were released showing Hillary Clinton with a slim 2 point lead:

GWU/Battleground Poll: Clinton 42, Trump 40

Economist/YouGov Poll: Clinton 40, Trump 38

Reuters/Ipsos Poll: Clinton 40, Trump 38

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Even more importantly two of those polls showed the difference between the two candidates stayed the same whether or not other 3rd party options were included.

However, there’s a bigger underlying story here. It’s not “just” that Donald Trump has essentially caught up to Hillary Clinton in the polls, it’s also “who” is helping him catch up that is the bigger story. In a recent poll conducted by the Boston Herald and Franklin Pierce University it seems that African-American and Hispanic voters are both siding with Mr. Trump in bigger numbers than they did with either of the last two GOP candidates.

The poll showed that Trump has a very favorable rating among 18.4 percent of 105 Hispanics, and 10.5 percent of 101 African Americans. He also scored a “somewhat favorable” rating among 16.4 percent of Hispanics and 13.3 percent of African Americans. Combined, he gets a positive rating from 35 percent of Hispanics and 24 percent of African Americans.

That’s apparently better than Gov. Mitt Romney, whose nationwide ballot-box score in 2012 was 27 percent support among Hispanics and 6 percent of African Americans. 

Donald Trump is NOT going to win a majority of African-American or Hispanic voters, but he doesn’t need to. Mr. Trump is dominating Clinton among white voters, so he only needs to do a little better than McCain or Romney did among minority voters to defeat Clinton in November.

If this poll is accurate, or even close to accurate, then Donald Trump may be well on his way to defeating Clinton by historic numbers. It’s early yet, but there is reason to be optimistic about Mr. Trump’s recent outreach to the black community. It seems that they hear the truth of the things he has said about Clinton and the Democrat Party, and while it may not be enough to sway the majority of them to his cause, it could be enough to win him the White House.

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