Sheriff Clarke Weighs in on NFL Debate: ‘What the Hell is There to Discuss?’

When it comes to standing for the national anthem, with your right hand over your heart, I am with Sheriff Clarke: What the hell is there to discuss?

There is no debating when it comes to respecting the flag, our veterans, and our freedom. We live in the most privileged country in the world. Even our poorest have it better off than many people in third world countries. That is all made possible by the men and women who fight for it to remain that way.

By not standing for the national anthem, you are saying that you don’t care about those who died for your right to be able to kneel. It is not against the law to kneel, however, it is against every patriotic fiber in my being.

Fox News Insider reports

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David Clarke, former sheriff of Milwaukee County, joined Sean Hannity last night to weigh in on the debate over NFL players refusing to stand for the national anthem.

Clarke said, “It takes approximately two minutes and 12 seconds to sing the national anthem. If the players can’t … stand at attention, face the flag for two minutes and 12 seconds, it means they’re undisciplined.”

Kind of like a dog, huh?

He said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell let the situation spiral out of control, and now he’s afraid that any policy requiring players to stand for the anthem would simply be ignored.

“The tail is wagging the dog here. The league has the authority … to set rules and procedures for their employees. Players are employees,” Clarke said.

He noted that NFL owners representatives from the NFL Players Association are planning to meet in New York City next week to discuss the anthem controversy.

Clarke passionately asked, “What the hell is there to discuss?” He added, “Stand at attention, face the flag and give it some respect. This is about respect and decorum.”

There is no discussion. You stand, and you respect. End of story.

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