Sharia Law is Immoral and Does Not Belong in the USA

Why, from a Western Perspective, Sharia Law Is Immoral

“Indeed, those who disbelieve in Our verses—We will drive them into a Fire.  Every time their skins are roasted through, We will replace them with other skins, so they may taste the punishment.  Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted in Might and Wise.”  —Koran 4:56

“Allah’s Apostle [said] . . . ‘Allah’s curse be on the Jews and the Christians.’  This was spoken on Muhammad’s death bed, and was one of the last things that he ever said.”  —Bukhari 59:727


The Sharia

Sharia Law is the only true Islamic law code.  Thus, it is often referred to as “the” Sharia, since there is no other.  Sharia Law is what tells a Muslim how to live—according to the Koran, the Sira (the Life of Muhammad), and the Hadith (the Sayings of Muhammad).  To non-Muslims, about 2/5 of the Sharia is not important.

Political Sharia

What will probably surprise most non-Muslims is the fact that 3/5 of the Sharia is about how to interact with non-Muslims, with regard to everything from taqiyya (sacred lying—even with regard to nuclear treaties) to jihad (political or cultural warfare against non-Muslims towards establishing Islam).  Because 3/5 of the Islamic Trilogy (Koran, Sira, and Hadith) concerns how to deal with non-Muslims, the Sharia—which is derived from the Trilogy—becomes important for non-Muslims to take an interest in.  The 3/5 of the Sharia that teaches Muslims how to treat non-Muslims is what Bill Warner, of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI), has labeled “political Islam.”  The codification of this Islamic Trilogy can be found in a 1200-page book called The Reliance of the Traveller, by Ahmad al-Misri.

The Basis of Islam

Islamic-Terrorists1So, the basis for the Sharia is Islam.  But what is the basis of Islam?  Many believe that the basis for Islam is the Koran.  However, this is not entirely accurate.  The basis for Islam is the entire Trilogy: the Sira, the Hadith, and the Koran.


From reading the Sira (the most authoritative account being the one by Ibn Ishaq), Muslims learn about Muhammad’s actions and his justifications for them.  In order to be like Muhammad, Islam’s model human being for all mankind, knowing about Muhammad’s life is crucial.



By reading the Hadith (the most authoritative two collections being Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim), Muslims learn the thoughts, feelings, and ethics that Muhammad carried with him throughout his life.



The Koran teaches Muslims what is important to Allah, as recited by Muhammad.  The life and sayings of Muhammad are all based on Allah’s inspirations of Muhammad as laid out in the Koran.



Kafir is the Muslim word denoting an unbeliever, but its connotation is highly negative.  The meaning of the word is “concealer.”  The word itself is an accusation that non-Muslims are liars who cover up the truth by their very lives, deeds, and teachings.  Kafirs misrepresent Allah’s true and perfect religion by changing it from its original form, thereby corrupting it.  Moses (Musa) and Jesus (Isa) were perfect prophets who brought Allah’s teachings to the world, but, upon each occasion, Allah’s teachings were concealed and distorted by the Jews and Christians, which is why Allah hates them.  In order to be a “true” Jew or Christian, a Jew or Christian must confess that Muhammad is the last and greatest of Allah’s prophets.



islam2worldJews and Christians who agree to confess that Allah is the only god and Muhammad is his messenger might be given the option to live as dhimmis, Jewish or Christian kafirs who are allowed to live in Muslim areas as long as they pay the jizya—a 50% tax—and agree to other rules imposed upon them by Muslims.  Dhimmis are second-class citizens who do not have the right to defend themselves against Muslims when attacked by them, even unto death.  If any Muslim decides to please Allah by killing a dhimmi, that is his right, and the dhimmi is entirely at his mercy.


The Naïveté of Kafir Leaders

The problem with kafir political leaders is that they do not understand the danger in allowing Sharia Law to coexist with the US Constitution.  Many political leaders in America today—almost all of them Democrats—know nothing about Islam and view it as they would any another religion.  The problem in seeing Islam this way is that it is not primarily a prescription for how to get along with everyone in general.  Islam is dualistic, prescribing one code of ethics for how to treat Muslims and an entirely different one for how to treat kafirs.  The “religion of peace” is an idea whose time will only come when all kafirs have been killed in jihad, subjected to dhimmitude, or converted to Islam.  This goal is called Dar al-Islam, the “Home of Islam” or “Home of Submission.”  Only when all submit to Allah can there be peace.


A War Doctrine

Therefore, Islam is a war doctrine.  Its teachings are consistent with this.  Islam teaches intolerance of kafirs and all their ways.  In America, Muslims hope to gain legitimacy by insisting on the right to implement Sharia, using the legal umbrella of First-Amendment religious rights to undermine Article Six, Clause Two of the Constitution, which declares the Constitution to be “the supreme law of the land.”  This is part of the culture jihad which is being waged.



Islam, which means submission, does not, itself, allow free speech, or freedom to worship the religion of one’s choice; nor does it allow freedom of the press, freedom from unreasonable searches, the right to trial by jury, the right not be discriminated against, equal protection for women or minorities. . . .  In fact, Muslims call themselves “slaves of Allah.”  And Islam actually condones slavery.


Political Islam

Islam, far more than being a religious lifestyle, is a political system that prescribes a way of life oriented towards absolute conquest.  Because it is a political ideology (and a totalitarian one at that), and because such a large aspect of it is anti-religious with respect to its prosecution of harms against members of other religions, Islam should not be considered a true religion in the Western tradition of classical liberalism, which is the philosophical tradition in which the Founders wrote and approved the US Constitution.  (Nor should a group of mass-murderers be allowed to form a brigade, bring their wives and children along to move into an area, declare themselves a religion and, thereby, win First-Amendment protection for wife-beatings, honor-killings, genital mutilations, and pedophilic child-marriage practices—all while planning the domination of their well-meaning, yet clueless, host culture.)


Violent Islam

Many Americans do not believe the threat posed by Islam, since their Muslim friends may not be doctrinaire Muslims, or they might misrepresent their most deeply-held beliefs, committing taqiyya in the furtherance of their true religious worldview.  The danger is that, when 3% of a Muslim population is violent, that 3% can control the entire population, causing the less-doctrinaire among them to cooperate.  In a majority-Muslim area—such as a French no-go zone—nobody is safe.

Islam Is Islam

jihadusaIslamic jihad is an act so holy that, if an evil man performs it, then dies, he earns a place in Paradise.  Jihad cannot be reformed, because, as Allah’s final prophet, Muhammad was also its final reformer.  Anything after Muhammad is not Islam.  Responding to Congresswoman Jane Harman’s use of “moderate Islam,” Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Erdogan said, “First of all, the ‘moderate Islam’ concept is wrong.  The word ‘Islam’ is a simple word—it is only Islam.  If you say ‘moderate Islam,’ then an alternative is created, and that is ‘immoderate Islam.’  I cannot accept such a concept as a Muslim.”


Martyred by Islam

According to CSPI, millions upon millions have fallen victim to Islamic jihad throughout the ages:



About 120 million Africans were killed during the capturing and selling of slaves.  Islam, it must be remembered, prosecuted jihad against Africans and ran a lucrative African slave trade.



The number of Christians butchered by Islam is roughly 9 million.   Another 50 million Christians died in Islamic jihad.  Adding to this count, the one million African Christians killed in the 20th century, the total comes to 60 million Christians.



An estimated 80 million Hindus have been killed in the jihad against India.  The words “Hindu Kush” which name the famous mountain range carry the meaning “funeral pyre of the Hindus.”



Islamic jihad has killed about 10 million Buddhists in Turkey, Afghanistan, and India.



Thousands of Jews have been killed in Islamic jihad.  But most Jews, prior to the re-establishment of Israel, submitted to paying the jizya tax in Muslim areas, thus becoming dhimmis (second-class citizens) who were able—due to their hard work and high productivity—to avoid the worst consequences of dhimmitude.



Islam’s body count, thus far, is 270 million.


Read All About It

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