Shapiro: ‘Illegals Entering Country is Basic Reason Trump Won’

One of the largest driving reasons behind many voters casting their ballot for Donald Trump was his strong stance against illegal immigration.

We, the American people, are fed up with criminals entering our country over and over again. Trump ran with the promise of building a wall to help cinch the flood of aliens invading our country, and we want that promise to be fulfilled!

Conservative commentator and Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro said that the very idea of illegals coming into the United States and creating crimes is one of the biggest reasons that Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2016.

Fox News Insider reports: 

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On “Fox News @ Night,” Shapiro reacted to the acquittal in the murder of Kate Steinle, who was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant while she was walking on a San Francisco pier with her father in July 2015.

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, who had previously been deported five times, was found not guilty of murder. He admitted that he picked up a previously-stolen gun, but maintained that the shooting was accidental.

Shapiro, much like the rest of the country, believes that Zarate should have been convicted of involuntary manslaughter at the bare minimum. Although he should have been charged with first degree murder if you ask me. It is pathetic that the only charge the jury held him accountable for was the illegal possession of a firearm.

Attorney Adrienne Elrod called it a “shame” for President Trump to use the case as a “political football,” adding that the larger question remains what to do about the 800,000 or so DREAMers in the U.S.

Shapiro countered that the Kate Steinle case reinforces the “basic notion” of why Americans elected Trump a year ago.

“The basic notion that an illegal immigrant can commit crimes in this country and then re-enter the country at will is why President Trump won,” Shapiro continued, “and it’s why President Trump ought to push for the construction of that barrier and ought to make sure that the American people are safe from predators like [Zarate].”

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