Sexual Predator Can’t Wait Until He’s Allowed in Houstons’ Women’s Restrooms

November 3rd is the final vote for Houston’s Proposition 1, the Bathroom Ordinance, that would allow troubled men and sexual predators, who claim to be women, to enter women’s public accommodations, including bathrooms, showers and locker rooms, invading women’s privacy and placing them in harm’s way.

If you are a resident of Houston, get to the polls and vote NO!

The lesbian mayor of Houston is trying to sell the ordinance as a human rights issue. Nothing could be further from the truth. If the ordinance passes, men who think they are women will be able to enter a woman’s bathroom. The same will be true of high school locker rooms.

There will be no way to stop sexual predators from taking advantage of the ordinance if it passes.

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The story contained in the video below proves our case. It is absurd and total nonsense to allow men to use women’s bathrooms, showers or locker rooms…


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UPDATE: Houston’s Prop 1 Bathroom Ordinance FAILED by a WIDE margin on Tuesday night! The important vote should serve as a stark reprimand to Houston’s lesbian mayor and all activists seeking to force dangerous and immoral legislation on America’s voters.

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