Sessions On Chicago Cops: ‘Police Aren’t The Problem, Criminals Are The Problem’

“All of America needs to understand this lesson. If you let Antifa, or if you let the ACLU set police policy, crime will go up. If you listen to police and professionals crime will go down.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is exactly right. Moreover, guns aren’t the problem, criminals are. Blaming a gun for a crime is like blaming a pen for a misspelled word.

I feel obligated to point out that Chicago politicians are also part of the problem.

Fox News:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions backed the Chicago Police Department Friday in the face of a proposed plan to overhaul it, saying that “police are not the problem, criminals are the problem.”

Sessions addressed the Chicago Crime Commission, and criticized a plan negotiated between Chicago and the state of Illinois to overhaul the city’s 12,000-member police force under court supervision. The plan came after Officer Jason Van Dyke was convicted of second-degree murder for shooting teenager Laquan McDonald.

But Sessions told the audience that his conviction showed that the system worked and that rogue officers will be prosecuted and jailed. Instead, he said, Chicago police are the solution to the city’s gun violence problem.

“Chicago police are not the problem, Chicago police are the solution to the problem,” he said.

He called the consent decree plan “seductive” but said it was vague and would direct valuable resources away from areas that could use the money to hire or train more officers. He also said it would rob the people of Chicago of their say in the police system since it would not be accountable to the people. He also pointed to initiatives taken by his Justice Department, including the formation of a gun crime prosecutions team that would focus on gun violence. More

There will be no solution to the problem until the people in the neighborhoods rise up and take back their streets by reporting criminals to the police, supporting the police and especially testifying against the bad guys. The cops can’t do it all by themselves.

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