Session Wades Deeper into Swamp: ‘I Believe Allegations Against Moore’

Jeff Sessions seems like he is kissing butt, and kissing it hard, in order to stay afloat. The Attorney General was asked what he thinks about the nonsense allegations of sexual misconduct against Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee asked him, “Do you believe these young women?”

Sessions replied, “I have no reason to doubt these young women.”

This is complete BS, and Sessions knows it.

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It just so happened that the Christian, gun-loving Moore beat out the GOP establishment candidate and pulled ahead of the Democratic candidate in the polls. Then, BOOM! The “America First” candidate was suddenly slapped with sexual harassment accusations from 1979!!

Here’s the real kicker, one of the women accusing him worked for Hillary Clinton’s campaign! Fishy, or nah?

This sounds IDENTICAL to the Trump campaign, when he was accused of sexual harassment by several women who turned out to be lying. Hmm…

Fox News Insider reports: 

Jackson Lee asked if Moore defeats Democratic candidate Doug Jones, would Sessions launch Justice Department investigations into the allegations against Moore.

“We will evaluate every case as to whether or not it should be investigated,” Sessions said. “This kind of case would normally be a state case.”

Jackson Lee said she wants to make sure that if Moore is elected to the Senate, there will at least be the possibility of a federal review of his case.

“We will do our duty,” Sessions said.

Moore and Jones are running for the Senate seat that Sessions vacated when he accepted President Donald Trump’s attorney general nomination.

We will know the outcome of the election on December 12.

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