Senator Tim Scott Responded to Insult by Calling Out Liberal Tokenism

When a progressive who expects blacks to be props for his cause attacked him, Tim Scott responded to his stereotype.

I’m glad Senator Tim Scott responded to this awful statement. It has since been removed. I saved an image of it.

Others also responded to this demeaning garbage. For example:

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Scott was indeed integral to getting the bill passed. He championed it.

It would have been insulting and sinister for Republicans not to give Scott credit for his work. There was no need to see him as just a token black man. But Liberals basically stereotype minority groups as belonging to them and therefore lacking in authenticity when they don’t conform to their stereotype.

The Hill reports, “Senator responds to being called a ‘prop’ during GOP tax celebration.

Sen. Tim Scott hit back at a political blogger on Twitter who suggested the South Carolina Republican was standing near President Trump as a “prop” during the GOP’s tax celebration on Wednesday.

The Hill report goes on:

Scott, the lone black Republican in the Senate, was one of several GOP lawmakers who gave remarks at the White House event hailing Trump and the party’s tax overhaul legislation.


“This is not about Washington. It’s not about the left. It’s not about the right,” Scott said during his remarks. “It’s about single parent moms who are looking to be hopeful during 2018.”

Read the entire story.

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