Senator Ted Cruz Issues a Warning about Teaming with Iran

If you’ve read Eagle Rising for any length of time, you know that we are big fans of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). He’s straightforward, honest and he sticks to his convictions. You don’t have to wonder about what Ted Cruz is going to do or say on any given subject because he’s been clear about what he believes.

On Monday, the forthright Senator from Texas took to the pages of Politico to write an Op-Ed warning us against getting too cozy with Iran.

First, he reminded readers of the American prisoners currently suffering at the hands of the evil Iranian regime.

Then, Senator Cruz hit the President for the weak-kneed speech he delivered at the United Nations that failed to chastise Iran for any of their misdeeds.

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Last week, just days from the second anniversary of Pastor Saeed’s incarceration, President Obama gave a major speech to the United Nations General Assembly. He focused on issues such as Ebola, ISIL militants in Iraq and the Russian invasion of Ukraine—all crises worthy of the attention of the American president and the United Nations. But entirely absent from his remarks was the grim threat posed to the United States and our allies by a nuclear-armed Iran.

In the very few words he devoted to the subject of Iran, President Obama offered the Iranians the “opportunity” to resolve the nuclear issue by “assuring the world” that their program is “peaceful.”

TedCruzThere was no mention of the many outright lies the Iranians have told about their program over the years.

There was no mention of Iran’s robust intercontinental ballistic missile program, the only purpose of which is to deliver a nuclear weapon.

There was no mention of Iran’s vast state sponsorship of terrorism.

There was no mention of the virulently hostile rhetoric routinely employed by Iranian officials about destroying what the Iranians call the “Great Satan” (America) and the “Little Satan” (Israel).

And there was no mention of the Americans Iran won’t release…

We face many difficult issues in the world today.

Senator Cruz is cognizant of the evil that ISIS represents. He knows that Syria and Russia are still working against the interest of our nation and against the interest of peace loving people the world over. He understands that with the Ebola outbreak in west Africa, the rise of virulent Islamic terrorism, the reemergence of the Russian bear, and the aggressive moves by China in the South China sea… the world is a tumultuous place and we are on the edge of the proverbial knife.

Even so, partnering with Iran would be a foolish mistake. Iran is no less evil and no less of a problem than these other issues we’ve mentioned. Iran simply happens to not be the “most pressing” issue at this time. That could swiftly change, and if it does, it would be better for us if we didn’t find ourselves attached to them at the hip.

The Iranians are trying to insert themselves into our MidEast milieu and the plain truth is likely that they are scared of ISIS… but there could be more to their sudden willingness to help. They could be looking for an opportunity to benefit their nuclear program and their future military strength in the region.

Do we really want to be the guys that helped Iran finally get their nuclear weapon?

I don’t think so.

I’ll leave you with these wise words from Senator Cruz.

U.S. leaders should not fall into the trap of blindly assuming that just because our enemy Iran hates our enemy ISIL, it means that Iran is now our friend.

We would do much more to defend the national security interests of the United States by seeking common cause with our real allies in the region than by pursuing some misguided and dangerous attempt at détente with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

We should also insist that if the Iranians want a seat at the negotiating table, they must start by releasing the American citizens unjustly detained in their country. It’s time.

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