Senator Ted Cruz is a Conservative Rockstar and CPAC LOVES Him

I haven’t done the research on this yet, but after hearing Senator Ted Cruz on Thursday, I’m pretty sure that he must have taken a homiletics course (preaching class) or two at his local Seminary. I’ve included the video of his speech, and after watching, you tell me if you don’t think Cruz looks and sounds just like a Baptist Preacher – except instead of preaching the Word of God, he’s preaching the gospel of conservatism.

In what was the most generous welcome for any politician on the opening day of CPAC 2015, Ted Cruz sauntered on stage and started with a few applause grabbing one-liners like… “so there isn’t a Democrat in here? It’s almost like Bibi Netanyahu was speaking today!” and “Hillary Clinton was going to be here – but we couldn’t find a foreign nation to foot the bill!” The folks at CPAC ate it up. Cruz definitely has a gift for firing up a crowd, and the energy he exudes is surely contagious.

After the jokes and a few opening remarks about America’s greatness, Cruz launched into his plan for GOP victory in 2016. The Texas Senator began by noting that for conservatives to work lasting change, we had to look to repeat some past successes… namely the success of President Ronald Reagan in 1980.

“We have to reassemble the Reagan coalition – fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, and national security conservatives.”

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From laying out his plan, he went on to discuss the ideas and issues to which we must give primary importance. Cruz’s speech was full of great material – he must have brainstormed how he could please every member of the crowd –because he bounced from red meat topic to red meat topic.

I think the most important aspect of Cruz’s speech is that it highlighted his likely plan of attack for the next year or so… by pushing his status as a Washington DC outsider. Cruz repeated over and over again that the way to win back America was to stand with the people against the DC Beltway crowd – of whom Hillary is the epitome. Moreover, Hillary Clinton is the literal embodiment of the corruption and cronyism that runs rife through Washington, D.C.

Cruz’s willingness to take on all comers is already legend, but he took that penchant to new heights at CPAC. His speech probably made some liberals mad, but it definitely infuriated more than a few “squishy” Republicans. He reminded CPAC attenders that “you shall know them by their fruits” and that they should demand action and not talk from politicians – especially those who call themselves conservatives. He told the crowd that if a politician says that they are a conservative, we should ask them when they acted like it because talk is cheap! If a candidate says they support life, traditional marriage and Israel, or that they oppose a nuclear Iran and oppose the common core – you need to ask them when they stood and fought for those beliefs. Actions speak louder than words. If they are really conservatives they will have stood in the trenches fought the good fight, and they will bear the scars from those fights.

Moreover, the biggest divide we have in the country is NOT between Democrats and Republicans, but between career politicians in Washington and the American people. “You stood up against Democrats – that’s great! When did you stand against Republicans?”

Cruz’s speech was confrontational and awe-inspiring. He’s not going to bend to the RINO GOP leadership, and conservatives can know without a doubt he will stand for them, no matter which way political winds blow. For conservatives, that makes Ted Cruz a superstar.

The path to victory is painted not in pale pastels but in bold colors! 

— Quoting Reagan at CPAC 1976.

Ted CruzAfter Cruz’s speech, Sean Hannity came out to ask him a few questions about how Cruz is the most hated Republican among Democrats AND other Republicans in Washington. Cruz’s response – he’s going to continue standing for his principles because he’s in Washington to represent the people of Texas (and America), not to make friends.

Hannity then asked what five things Cruz would do if elected President in 2016. To which Cruz gave an amazing response!


  1. repeal every blasted word of Obamacare
  2. abolish the IRS
  3. stop regulations at EPA and alphabet soup of wash
  4. defend ALL of our constitutional rights
  5. restore America’s leadership in the world as “a shining city on a hill.”


Next they moved on to word association. Hannity mentioned something and Cruz had to respond with the first thoughts that came to mind.

On abortion – we should defend every human life

On gay marriage – marriage is a question for the states, wrong for the federal government or the courts to dictate to states

On pot in Colorado – great embodiment of Justice Brandeis idea that states are the “laboratory of democracy”– Colorado can do what it wants.

On Hillary Clinton – Washington

On Bill Clinton – “youth outreach” (to uproarious laughter from the crowd)

On Barack Obama – lawless imperator

The speech and Q&A session were pure Ted Cruz: loaded with energy, full of gravitas and overflowing with optimism. Ted Cruz is in the Presidential race for the long haul, and the other GOP candidates better take him seriously.

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