Senator Marco Rubio Releases his 3-Part Plan for Replacing Obamacare

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) sure seems like a guy who is running for President. He is currently saying all the right things (including apologizing for his part in the Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform from a few years back) and doing all the right things too. On Monday, he continued that streak by releasing his 3-part plan for replacing Obamacare when it inevitably collapses in on itself in the very near future.

Senator Rubio has looked into the not-so-distant future, surveyed the ground, and believes that Obamacare cannot sustain itself due to various major flaws within the Democrats socialized healthcare scheme. He sees a future where Congress is forced to repeal and replace Obamacare, and with that in mind, he’s developed three key features of the next round of major healthcare reform.

He writes about them in an op-ed for Fox


First, we should provide an advanceable, refundable tax credit that all Americans can use to purchase health insurance. The value of these credits should increase every year, and we should set the tax preference for employer-sponsored insurance on a glide path to ensure that it will equal the level of the credits at the end of the decade. This will prevent large-scale disruptions and reform one of the most significant distortions in our tax system.

obamacaredisasterSecond, we must reform insurance regulations to encourage innovation. Americans with pre-existing conditions should be able to find coverage through their state’s federally-supported, actuarially-sound high risk pools. Americans living in high-cost states should have the opportunity to purchase coverage across state lines. Consumer-centered products like health savings accounts should be expanded. And under no circumstances should taxpayers be asked to bail out an insurance company that loses money, as is currently the case under ObamaCare.

Third, we must save Medicare and Medicaid by placing them on fiscally sustainable paths. Without reforms, these programs will eventually cease to be available for those that need them. I believe we must move Medicaid into a per-capita cap system, preserving funding for Medicaid’s unique populations while freeing states from Washington mandates. Medicare, meanwhile, should be transitioned into a premium support system, empowering seniors with choice and market competition, just like Medicare Advantage and Part D already do.


The simple truth is that Obamacare is a mess. It has wreaked havoc on our economy, and things will only get worse as the leviathan grows and spreads. The problems inherent with the system are endemic, and there is nothing that liberals in Congress can do to salvage the system. This was the biggest point of those recent Jonathan Gruber admissions – the Obamacare scheme was designed to fail and force the government to move to a wholly socialized system.

Rubio’s plan is a great start to reforming a currently broken system. An even better plan is to simply remove the government from the healthcare system altogether, but we’ll take what we can get for not. It would be great to see the large crop of GOP contenders use this primary season to not only fight to be the next Presidential nominee from our party, but to also debate and discuss new ideas for moving our country forward.

This year’s crop of GOP contenders may be our best Presidential field in decades – certainly they can work together to advance conservatism even as they compete for our vote.

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