Female Democrat Senator From Hawaii Asks Male Judges About Their Sex Lives

I challenge you to find a more useless politician than this lady.

Her questions in themselves are sexual harassment. Try asking this kind of questions to any person in any other setting and see how fast your butt ends up in court.

This is the very same senator who was totally clueless about how illegal aliens were breaking the law.


Daily Wire:

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Only the sleaziest employer would dare ask a potential job candidate about their sex lives when such information is irrelevant to their position. Yet here we are.

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) stated back in January that she would begin asking those nominated to become federal judges about their sexual history.

At the time, she claimed such questions were relevant because at least one judge had been accused of sexual harassment. The judge in question was Alex Kozinski — on the 9th Circuit — while the first judge Hirono asked these questions to was nominated to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. Not that the difference matters, but it’s basically like someone from Facebook asking if you ever embezzled money because someone from Twitter was accused of doing so. Same industry, different companies, and using one incident to justify asking inappropriate questions.

Jerome Woehrle, a retired attorney and author, took up Hirono’s newish idea to play “gotcha” with judges on Tuesday, writing at Liberty Unyielding about the court opinions that show the senator from Hawaii is wrong to ask such questions.

Hirono in January asked Judge Kurt Engelhardt two questions about his sexual history designed to look like perjury if someone in the future accused him. Engelhardt was confirmed to the 5th Circuit despite Hirono’s questions, and has thus far not been accused of sexual misconduct. More

Sen. Mazie Hirono has reached a whole new level of stupidity. How is asking a judicial candidate about something so personal even relevant to the career of being a judge? This is coming from the most uninformed senator ever!


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