Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) Blames both Parties for Today’s Problems

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is likely the most conservative Democrat serving in the Senate today. He is a red state Democrat with red state sensibilities… but that hasn’t stopped him from voting mostly with his party during his time in the Senate. His actions haven’t necessarily matched up with his rhetoric (see his votes on Obamacare and gun control), but he can still talk a good game.

He did just that during a recent speech he gave in Weirton, West Virginia to a group of local Rotarians.

During his speech he blamed Republicans post-9/11 for running up our debt and he also blamed Democrats post-George W. Bush for doubling that debt! We don’t often agree with Democrats, but everything Joe Manchin says here is pretty much correct. Democrats and Republicans are both to blame for our current problems – liberal policies passed by both party’s have wreaked havoc upon our nation.


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The obvious answer to the problems raised by Senator Manchin… Conservative Governance.

Now, Joe could be a part of the solution as a conservative Democrat… but throughout his time as Senator from West Virginia he has been part of the problem, voting against every attempt to fix Obamacare and every attempt to scrap Obamacare. He is partially responsible for a huge portion of our current debt – he should start practicing what he’s preaching and stop toeing his Party line.

We need a return to fiscal conservatism.

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