Senate Democrats: ‘Grant DACA Amnesty or Face Government Shut Down’

Senator Chuck Schumer said he would never bring up immigration policies during a budget discussion, however he’s a liar and here we are!

Since Trump has been in office, the Democrats have been going back on a lot of their promises. Sometimes the government’s funding runs out and there is a decision to be made on what we will allow our budget to be used on, and whether or not to raise the debt limit.

Democrats are now threatening to close down the government over Republicans’ refusal to grant DACA amnesty, and the next deadline for Congress to vote on budget terms  is on December 8th.

Lifezette reports: 

Such a deadline usually means both parties negotiate new budget and borrowing terms. Negotiations are usually focused tightly on fiscal issues to avoid a partial shutdown of the federal government.

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But this time, Democrats are hoping to force President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans to grant amnesty to certain illegal immigrants, or else face a damaging federal government shutdown that could hurt Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections a year from now.

The White House is clearly irked at the Democratic maneuvering behind the scenes to force amnesty for young adults who were brought to the United States, illegally, as children.

In early September, Trump rescinded former President Barack Obama’s order temporarily protecting such illegal immigrants. The order was known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). But the revocation doesn’t take effect until March 5, 2018.


Trump has tried to make a deal with the Democrats on DACA, and even offered to come to an agreement on amnesty in exchange for the border wall. However, there doesn’t ever seem to be a fair deal when it comes to liberals.

Trump Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley said, “In the past, Chuck Schumer has repeatedly made clear that he opposes government spending bills with strings attached,” he continued,  “We hope Democrats follow Sen. Schumer’s lead and not hold government funding hostage to their own pet legislative projects, which would jeopardize our national security. Government spending bills should fully fund our military, homeland security, and all essential operations to protect the American people’s prosperity and safety.”

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