See How Police Responded When Protesters Said Cops Aren’t Needed

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

A group of protesters in North Carolina chained themselves to a fence and blocked an intersection Thursday evening to protest police brutality.

The group of activists, joined by organizations like Black Youth Project 100, the Durham Beyond Policing Campaign, and Southerners on New Ground, blocked an intersection in Durham to protest the cop shootings of black people, reports ABC 11. Police said the activists did not have permits to protest, but police helped block off the street so the activists could protest safely.

The Durham rally’s main message was that police are unnecessary, and organizers referred to the recent deaths in Louisiana and Minnesota as proof.

“This moment resonates widely across the country and right here in Durham we are feeling it. We know that the police in Durham have a particular history of violence, of not respecting the community and over criminalizing black people in particular,” said Serena Sebring with Southerners on New Ground.

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Chanelle Croxton, one of the organizers of the rally, said that conversations between the police and the community are not helpful.

“Dialogue is not going to stop the abuses that the police do, it’s not something that we as a community have to come to the table. It’s on the responsibility of the police to stop killing us, stop harassing us, stop abusing us,” Croxton said.

The Durham Police Department issued a statement on the rally, saying they were committed to ensuring the safety of the protesters.

“The Durham Police Department respects and supports the privileges of individuals to exercise their First Amendment rights through peaceful protests. We will continue to monitor these gatherings to ensure the safety and welfare of the participants and others that may be impacted,” the statement read.

Protesters eventually left around 2 a.m. Friday.

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