Seattle to Vote on Wealthy-Only Income Tax

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on. Seattle is about to vote on implementing a personal income tax on only the wealthiest of their residents.

Why should people who have worked hard to make a living for themselves be punished by being the ones who are hit the hardest with taxes? They aren’t the only ones living in the city! Why should they be the only ones paying that tax?

Fox Business reports:

Under a proposal being considered by the Seattle City Council, only the top earning residents would be subject to the income tax – those individuals with incomes in excess of $250,000 and those filing jointly with incomes in excess of $500,000 would pay a 2.25% tax.

The tax is largely expected to pass; the council’s finance committee gave the proposal the green light last week, even raising the rate from 2% to 2.25%, according to The Seattle Times.

Supporters of the new tax say the city’s explosive economic growth and prosperity has created significant wealth and opportunity, but it has also exacerbated the affordable housing crisis that has put a strain on those in lower income brackets.

A Seattle tax would be a step toward building political momentum for the state and its other cities and towns to enact progressive tax systems, the city council said in resolution earlier this year endorsing the idea of an income tax.

Tim Burgess, one of the council members, stated, “State tax reform is urgently needed so our lowest-income residents pay less, our middle-class neighbors pay about the same, and our highest-income residents pay more.”

Jason Mercier, director for the government reform center, also added that the council will be “going to unanimously adopt an illegal income tax that has no hope of taking effect and will waste taxpayer resources on litigation the city is sure to lose.”

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray admits that they expect a legal challenge but that they will happily fight it. He stated, “We welcome that legal challenge. We welcome that fight,” and if they win, “it won’t just be Seattle that’s doing a progressive income tax,” he added.

If it passes, they will use the money for lower property taxes, public services, and to replace federal money lost.

Unless I a completely missing something here, this is just another way the government can get away with theft and it isn’t right.


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