Sean Spicer Reassures: ‘Make no Mistake, the Wall is Going to be Built’ [VIDEO]

As you know, the GOP leadership decided to scrap any references to the U.S.-Mexico border wall in their funding bill. So, now a lot of people are looking at Trump and wondering if he’s still planning on building a border wall.

It’s not all his fault. Of course Trump wants to build the wall. He’s having to deal with Republican leadership who aren’t on board with building a border wall, so they’ll do what they can to deny him funding.

At the rally that coincided with the White House Correspondents’ Dinner that Trump did not attend, he reassured his supporters that the wall would be built.

Sean Spicer was asked about it at the press briefing on Monday. He reiterated what Trump told his supporters:

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QUESTION: So, the lack of border wall funding raises a question of just how serious the president is about getting the border wall constructed. Is it not urgent? Is it not an emergency anymore to — to build this barrier? What is the timetable and deadline that he has, and why?

SPICER: Well, make no mistake, the wall is going to be built. The president has made it very clear.

We have five months left in this fiscal year. We’re getting $1.52 billion for border security. There’s a lot that can be done with that.

We’ve got a lot of things that happen before the wall is built, in terms of planning, technology, gates. There’s a lot of things that can — that can do to prepare — prepare for — for that wall being constructed.

Our big — this was a downpayment on — for 2017. And as we get ready for fiscal year 2018, that’ll start in — in — in the beginning of October, this will be a major priority.

QUESTION: It will be built. Is there a time certain? Is there a deadline — by the end of 2018? By…

SPICER: That it will be completed? 

QUESTION: (inaudible)

SPICER: I know the president wants it done as quick as possible. There have been bids that have been put out. Part of what the Homeland Security Department is reviewing now are not just the costs, but the timetable for a lot of that.

So, as we move through the planning phase, that’s definitely going to be part of the consideration. But, obviously, the president wants this done as soon as possible.

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