Seal Team 6 in South Korea, Training to Take Out Kim Jong-un

Each spring the United States and South Korea hold two joint military exercises, Foal Eagle and Key resolve. The Foal Eagle exercise started March 1 and will run through the end of April. On March 13, the Key Resolve computer-simulated command post exercise began and will run for eleven days through March 24. In a first, this year’s exercise will include Seal Team 6, and the word is they are they are training to take out Kim Jong-un and the rest of the North Korean leadership.  This does not mean an operation is about to happen, but it may mean they will be ready if and when an operation is needed.

South Korean Yonhap News Agency announced the participation of Team 6 and South Korea’s insistence the drill was purely training for defense:

U.S. special operations forces, including the unit that killed Osama Bin Laden, will take part in joint military drills in South Korea to practice incapacitating North Korean leadership in the case of conflict, a military official said Monday.

The U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six will join the annual Foal Eagle and Key Resolve exercises between the two allies for the first time, along with the Army’s Rangers, Delta Force and Green Berets.

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“A bigger number of and more diverse U.S. special operation forces will take part in this year’s Foal Eagle and Key Resolve exercises to practice missions to infiltrate into the North, remove the North’s war command and demolition of its key military facilities,” the official told Yonhap News Agency asking not to be na…

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