Screwed Up Democrat Priorities – Helping Illegals, Ignoring their Own

Democrat Give Aways


Stephen Dinan writes in The Washington Times that the Democrats are looking to provide free immigration lawyers to illegals. I can’t afford a lawyer.  Oh well, I’m only an American, not an immigrant.


And when I needed a lawyer in the nineties it cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars out of my retirement fund.


Democrats have almost become boring with their give a ways. They used to be gifting citizens rather than foreigners.  Now Harry Reid has been pushing for lawyers and protections for migrants.


We have people in poverty in this country, citizens murdered by immigrants and people dying of incurable diseases. But Reid and the putatively altruistic Democrats want to help migrants who shouldn’t even legally be here.


Democrats, where are your priorities? You help illegals but not your own citizens. 


Dinan points out that Obama pretends that the immigrants are fleeing horrific violence at home. But he points out that they are really coming here to get freebies and take advantage of our lax laws.


The politicians of the last few years, Obama, Hillary, Sanders and De Blasio all hate the rich who provide jobs and a functional society.  They laud the poor who mooch. Well, there are more poor, more votes.


Democrats know not what they do but they do it so cleverly.

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