SCOTUS Reinstates Donald Trump’s Travel Ban for Now

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy temporarily restored Trump’s travel ban until the Court hears argument.

The Supreme Court restored Trump’s travel ban, suspending a lower court ruling that had overturned the ban in cases of some refugees. I don’t know if the decision by Justice Kennedy hints at what the Supreme Court plans to do when it hears the case. At least we have an indication that Trump’s travel ban is not some affront to American law the way the media is portraying it.

Bloomberg reports, “U.S. Supreme Court Temporarily Restores Trump’s Refugee Travel Ban.

A U.S. Supreme Court justice on Monday issued a short-term order restoring President Donald Trump’s ban on thousands of refugees seeking entry to the country.

The order issued by Justice Anthony Kennedy puts a lower court ruling on hold until the high court decides whether to grant the administration’s request for a longer-term order. Kennedy ordered those opposing the administration to file court papers by noon Tuesday.

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A federal appeals court ruled last week that the administration must temporarily admit refugees if a resettlement agency had promised that it would provide basic services for them.

Read the entire Bloomberg story.

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