Scientists Try to Scare Women to Have Fewer Babies

A published study is obviously an attempt to scare women that they will become ugly if they have more children.

In a kind of anti-Christmas press release, the establishment is trying to scare women into not having children. The claim is: the more babies a woman has, the more she is worn out—looks uglier and suffers more oxidative stress. But the study of women’s appearance might only show that, for some reason, more attractive Western women tend to have fewer babies than others. All they did was compare photos of middle-aged women without comparing photos of the women before and after they had children.

We all know children are a sacrifice. I wonder if they asked these women with large families if they now regretted their decision because of how their looks allegedly suffered.

The Daily Mail reports, “Women who want to keep their looks ‘should only have two children’ according to new study.

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It is an unorthodox beauty tip, but women who want to keep their looks in later life should consider having a small family.

A study suggests stopping at just one or two children will keep you looking young and attractive.

While those who have a large family will have more people to visit them in middle age, they may also have a saggier face and darker skin tone.

The reason, according to research involving Bath University, is the toll which pregnancy, breastfeeding and childcare takes on the body. Each child increases oxidative stress, a kind of chemical imbalance which is prematurely ageing.

The study, in which more than 500 people judged photographs of middle-aged women, found those with smaller families were found most beautiful.

It would be nice if scientists researched the mothers of large families who haven’t seemed to suffer as much stress and tried to find out if any of that difference came from practices that other women can replicate. But that would almost be like encouraging women to have large families, so I don’t expect any research in that area.

Read the entire Daily Mail story.

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