Scientist Fired Because Of Talk Discussing Differences Between the Sexes

A physicist for the European Organization for Nuclear Research was fired because he dares to think there are intrinsic differences between the human sexes.

A physicist for CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, was fired apparently because he dares to think there are intrinsic differences between the human sexes.

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As Breitbart News reported:

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, has suspended a physicist for giving a “highly offensive” talk about gender differences, which also questioned whether there was as much discrimination against women in the industry as frequently claimed, and highlighted discrimination against men.

Professor Alessandro Strumia gave the talk at a CERN workshop where, according to the Independent, “He then proceeded to present a talk about ‘fundamental theory and gender.’”

“Professor Strumia used a slideshow to illustrate the ‘discrimination’ that men have faced, with examples including female Stem students receiving free or cheaper university fees in Italy,” reported the Independent. “He also explained how he believed that he should have been hired by the National Institute of Nuclear Physics over Anna Ceresole, the professor who was eventually chosen for the position that he’d applied for, as he had more citations than her.”

The talk was not well received, and Strumia was promptly “suspended” from CERN, which described the presentation as “highly offensive.”

“From 26 to 28 September, CERN hosted the first workshop on High Energy Theory and Gender focusing on recent developments in theoretical high-energy physics and cosmology, and discussed issues of gender and equal opportunities in the field,” CERN declared in a statement. “It is unfortunate that one of the 38 presentations, by a scientist from one of the collaborating universities, risks overshadowing the important message and achievements of the event.”

“CERN, like many members of the community, considers that the presentation, with its attacks on individuals, was unacceptable in any professional context and was contrary to the CERN Code of Conduct. It, therefore, decided to remove the slides from the online repository,” the organization expressed, adding, “On Monday, 1 October, CERN suspended the scientist from any activity at CERN with immediate effect, pending investigation into last week’s event.”

Apparently the feminists couldn’t take it and a firestorm was soon whipped up against the scientist.

Interesting when an organization that claims to be all about science wants to deny that there are basic and important differences between the sexes, isn’t it?

Still, one can see just how this guy got himself in trouble with leftists for presenting the argument he presented. After all, liberals don’t ever want to be confronted with things that they find politically incorrect — even when there is an argument and examples backing it up.

So, instead of debating this guy, the liberal establishment just moved to eliminate him. Looks like the left is about to destroy the career of another man.

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