Schumer: Sessions Needs to Resign for ‘Violating his Recusal’ [VIDEO]

The Democrats won’t ever be happy until they’re in control again.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions agreed to recuse himself from the investigation into Russia, but not because he had actually done anything wrong. He recused himself from the investigation simply because of bad optics created by the Democrats and the media.

When Trump made the final decision to ax FBI Director James Comey, he referenced the recommendations of both the AG and the deputy AG. Now, the Democrats are saying that Sessions is guilty of violating his recusal.

How would his recommendation to Trump to terminate Comey’s employment be a violation of his recusal? Oh, because of Russia. The Democrats think the firing was over Russia, so since Sessions recommended it, he’s involving himself in things he has no business involving himself in.

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Unless of course the firing had nothing to do with Comey ‘getting too close’ in his investigation of Russia’s alleged involvement in the 2016 election. But that’s something Democrats won’t hear anything about.

Here’s Chuck Schumer with CNN’s Jake Tapper:

JAKE TAPPER, CNN: But what do you think about Sessions’ claim to have recused himself? Do you think he should be investigated by the Senate? And should it be investigated by the inspector general at DOJ? 


I have asked the inspector general. And the request I have made is not only to look into any interference to thwart the investigation, but whether Attorney General Sessions should have participated in the firing of Comey and should participate in FBI director. 

You know, Attorney General Sessions has a much higher obligation. He didn’t tell the truth about meeting with the Russians, so he recused himself. Now he seems to be violating that recusal. That would seem, on its face, to be part of this.

And, look, I called for him to step down when he didn’t tell the truth about the Russians, because it’s the highest law enforcement officer in the land. The actions of the last week make all the more reason that he should not be attorney general. 

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