Schools Put on LOCKDOWN Because of CLOWN Threats

Clowns are on a rampage along the east coast. Alleged sightings from Pennsylvania down to southern Georgia have parents worried about sending their kids to school. Schools have been closed or put on lockdown after alleged clown threats, including two Alabama schools. According to

“Irondale [Alabama] police Officer James Lewis, a school resource officer, said a student reported to police that a Facebook post hinted at the possibility of clowns showing up on campus at Shades Valley High School. “There was no threat,” Lewis said.

Birmingham police said Holy Family Cristo Rey High School in Ensley received a call that a clown was coming to the school to lure children to the woods. Police found nothing, said Sgt. Bryan Shelton.

Similar incidents have taken place throughout Alabama, including Flomaton, Etowah County and Montgomery, and across the southeast. In some instances, children have reported clowns trying to lure them into the woods. In other cases, victims have been messaged by the so-called clowns with vulgar language.”

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So far, investigators have not been able to find hard evidence that there is any truth to these sightings. Thanks to social media, anything that could be the slightest bit interesting is suddenly a huge story. Things get blown out of proportion and once that happens, it’s tantamount to containing a wildfire.

Real or not, quit clowning around. Scaring kids ain’t funny.


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