School Suspends 10-Year-Old Boy for Fake, Plastic Halloween Knife in Backpack

A ten-year-old Pennsylvania boy was actually suspended from school because he had an oversized, fake, plastic Halloween knife in his backpack, a report says.

It is yet another example of the foolishness of the “no tolerance” policy where adults in schools don’t have to use their brains or common sense in situations with children but instead point to a mindless “rule” and claim it covers everything.

The toy is one of those fake shock knives with a clear plastic outer shell covering a fake knife inside that gets covered with fake blood when the toy is tipped downward. These toy knives became popular after the Halloween slasher movies debuted in the 1980s.

But, not only is it an obvious toy and could not be used to hurt anyone, according to KDA TV, the boy didn’t even brandish it at anyone in the school. It was just seen in his backpack.

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The fifth grader was suspended from school Thursday because officials found a plastic Halloween knife in his bookbag.

“I didn’t know it was in my bookbag, and that’s what makes me mad,” Danny said.

His father, James, said the fake knife “cost $2.97 at Walmart, in the Halloween clearance section when we were buying their costumes.”

After school, officials found the toy plastic knife, they confiscated it, his parents were notified and Danny was disciplined.

“I have an out-of-school suspension for three days now, but I’d rather have an in-school suspension, and I wouldn’t miss my schoolwork ’cause I have a test on Friday, and I’m not going to be in school on Friday,” Danny said.

Danny attends the Ringgold Elementary School. KDKA’s Ralph Iannotti emailed and ca

So-called zero tolerance polices have caused havoc all across the country as foolish teachers and slow witted school administrators put their brains on hold by employing these mindless policies that free adults from having to think.

A real knife does not belong in school, sure. But this situation with an obvious toy that couldn’t hurt anyone did not call for a suspension. Maybe a stern word or two and a call to parents to remind them that toys don’t belong in school, but not a suspension.

This is yet another idiotic over reaction by school officials. The school should be ashamed of itself.

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