School Districts Spend MILLIONS to Train Teachers about “White Privilege”


For all of the nonsensical talk from liberals about how our education system needs ever growing amounts of money, they sure don’t seem to be stewarding the money they do have very well.

A recent report found that American public schools were wasting millions to train their teachers about… WHITE PRIVILEGE. A San Francisco based education consulting company by the name of Pacific Educational Group (PEG) has been working with over 100 different local school districts in an effort to train teachers through white guilt. The company has made its money through convincing school districts that our system of education is biased against minority students and that it unfairly benefits white students. However, the company tells its customers that not all is lost because they offer a training course that will help the local districts “fix” the problem.

Sadly, the message that PEG sells is one rife with racism, excuse-making, blame-casting and radically ‘progressive’ philosophies. As an example, at their national conferences over the last few years, their core speakers have been a veritable “Who’s Who” of radical liberal supporters, of the infamous, terrorist Bill Ayers.

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But perhaps the most disgusting thing about PEG’s racist programming is that you are paying for it. In fact, you, the taxpayers of America, are spending MILLIONS of dollars to support this kind of indoctrination of our teachers and our students. An analysis from EAG News found that at least 183 different school districts pay PEG to peddle its garbage to their teachers. What is even more amazing is that from just 18 districts reporting outgoing payments to PEG, the company made more than $1.5 Million in the 2014-2015 school year!

Eighteen school districts reported paying PEG a combined $1.56 million in that one year. Seven of those districts paid the company six figures:

Lawrence, Kansas – $125,575

Osseo, Minnesota – $208,800

Bellevue, Washington – $153,600

Pittsburgh – $123,324

Baltimore County, Maryland – $138,930

Corvallis, Oregon – $105,055

St. Paul, Minnesota – $369,828

That’s a pretty significant haul for PEG, in and of itself. Then consider that PEG listed 183 districts across the nation as clients on its website last year. If they all pay similar amounts to the districts in our survey, PEG may be a very profitable enterprise, indeed.

So the next time a liberal whines about how much money we spend on education in America, you remind them about the millions of dollars our schools are wasting NOT educating our children.

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