Scholar Calls Out “Mob Violence” of Media against Trump

The media reaction is comparable to mob violence, says New York University professor and Russia expert Stephen F. Cohen.

According to a Russia scholar, the mob violence “reporting” by the media has helped bring us closer to war with Russia than at any point in history. The fantastic Tucker Carlson had Stephen F. Cohen on his show to give his evaluation about what is going on.

The United States would not gain anything from a war with a major nuclear power. But it seems that world peace rests on the good judgment that Russia wouldn’t gain anything either. Our media has gone full feral.

Real Clear Politics posted the transcript under the headline, “Stephen F. Cohen on Helsinki Summit: Media Held A “Kangaroo Court” And Found Trump Guilty.

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TUCKER CARLSON, FNC: Assess, if you would, the reaction today to this press conference and to the summit between Putin and Trump.

STEPHEN F. COHEN: The reaction by most of the media, by the Democrats, by the anti-Trump people is like mob violence. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

This is the president of the United States, doing what every other president before him, since FDR in 1943 with Stalin, meeting with the head of the Kremlin. And something that every American president since Eisenhower, a Republican by the way, has met with the leader of the Kremlin for one existential purpose: To avoid war between the nuclear superpowers.
Today, in my considered and scholarly long time judgment, relations between the U.S. and Russia are more dangerous than they have ever been. Let me repeat: Ever been, including the Cuban missile crisis.

I want my president to do –I didn’t vote for this president– but I want my president to do what every other president has done. Sit with the head of the other nuclear superpower and walk back the conflicts that could lead to war, whether they be in Syria, Ukraine, the Baltic nations, these accusations of cyber attacks.

Every president has been encouraged to do that and applauded by both parties. Not Trump.

Look what they did to him today. They had a kangaroo court. They found him guilty.

Read the full transcript.

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