‘Scapegoat’: Nancy Pelosi, Elijah Cummings Fall for Tweet From Fake Michael Flynn Account [VIDEO]

Interestingly, most of the outlets that are talking about this are conservative ones. The more liberal ones have chosen to shy away from it.

At a press conference regarding further investigation into the White House’s alleged ties with Russia, Rep. [score]Nancy Pelosi[/score] and [score]Elijah Cummings[/score] referenced a tweet from an obviously fake Gen. Flynn twitter account.

But how do we know for sure that it was a parody account that they referenced? Well, my first clue was that the account is under the name “Not Michael Flynn.” In addition, for the more tenacious investigator, if you look under the account name, you’ll see this description:

“Believe in  — it’s for real. NYT bestselling author  I stand for American principles & values. [Parody Account]”

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It says it’s a parody account. And the account name is “Not Michael Flynn.”

Nevertheless, Pelosi and Cummings didn’t think it was all that necessary to do a little vetting before going live. They just do what they’re best at:  Grandstanding and sticking to their cue cards. Here were the parody tweets:

Pelosi took to the microphone and gave us all a lesson on what a ‘scapegoat’ actually is.

“I didn’t know until I heard from our colleague that the tweet of General Flynn today was ‘scapegoat.’ Scapegoat. Do you know what a scapegoat is?”

Why, no. I have no idea what a scapegoat is, Nancy. Please educate us.

“That means that in a community, where people want to absolve themselves of guilt, they get a goat, and they heap all of the ills on to the goat, and then they run the goat out of town. So, the inference to be drawn from his statement is that other people had blame that should be shared in all of this.”

Not exactly. I mean, we all know what a scapegoat is and how the word is used. But she tried to explain where it originated. For more, see Leviticus 16.

Here’s video of the press conference:

Pelosi was informed a little later that the tweet she referenced in her ‘scapegoat’ lecture was fake.

She’ll probably blame Russian hackers for the mixup. They’re the Democrats’ favorite scapegoat.

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