Scalise Owns Rosie O’Donnell on Twitter with Three Simple Words

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is a southerner through and through….and we love it!

After Rosie O’Donnell went on a hateful Twitter tirade filled with explicit language following the House’s passing of a tax reform proposal, Scalise responded to her with three simple words.

O’Donnell said, “Your life was saved a*****e, do something with it,” she tweeted, “Find your morality [and] decency. Stop lying about tax cuts to the rich.”

Scalise didn’t have to be hateful back. He summed up all he had to say with a short and sweet, “Bless your heart.”

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The southernism, which I use on a daily basis, can be used to say many different things. While it can be used for sympathy, it can also mean something along the lines of “you’re dumb but you can’t help it.”

Saying “bless your heart” is a sweet way to respond to an idiot when you do not wish to act ugly.

Fox News Insider reports:

Scalise smiled when asked about it by Martha MacCallum, saying that when liberals like O’Donnell have to “resort to the kind of name calling and cursing,” then “we won the argument.”

“Let the liberal elites cry because they lost the election,” he said, adding that the tax bill is indeed a boost for working families and businesses.

Scalise was gravely wounded by an Illinois man during a Republican baseball practice in Alexandria, Va.

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