Say it Ain’t So! Joe Biden says NO!

Vice President Joe Biden has finally made it all official and put the Democrat Party out of their misery… it’s Hillary Clinton or Bust!

In what truly seemed like a speech that Biden DID NOT want to give, the VP explained that he felt the window had closed on his opportunity to mount a serious campaign. His words sounded like a calculated effort to explain that he is indeed the best Democrat option for the job of President, but that his recent personal tragedy and the realities of campaigning have worked together to keep him out of the race. It was hands-down the oddest “I’m NOT running” speech I have ever heard.

It wasn’t just me, either.

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Here’s Biden’s announcement:

Buzzfeed caught Hillary’s reaction to the news:

Other reactions:


You can find a Partial Transcript of Biden’s speech below – For a Full Transcript See Here:

As my family and I have worked through the grieving process, I’ve said all along, what I’ve said time and again to others, that it may very well be that that process, by the time we get through it, closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president. That it might close.

I’ve concluded, it has closed. I know from previous experience, that there’s no timetable for this process. The process doesn’t respect or much care about things like filing deadlines or debates and primaries and caucuses. But I also know that I could do this — I couldn’t do this if the family wasn’t ready…

Unfortunately, I believe we’re out of time — the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. But while I will not be a candidate, I will not be silent. I intend to speak out clearly and forcefully, to influence as much as I can where we stand as a party and where we need to go as a nation.

And this is what I believe. I believe that President Obama has led this nation from crisis to recovery and we’re now on the cusp of resurgence. I’m proud to have played a part in that. This party, our nation, will be making a tragic mistake if we walk away or attempt to undo the Obama legacy. The American people have worked too hard and we’ve come too far for that…

I believe we have to end the divisive partisan politics that is ripping this country apart, and I think we can. It’s mean-spirited, it’s petty, and it’s gone on for much too long. I don’t believe, like some do, that’s it naive to talk to Republicans. I don’t think we should look at Republicans as our enemies. They are our opposition, they are not our enemies. And for the sake of the country, we have to work together. As the president said many times, compromise is not a dirty word. But look at it this way, folks, how does this country function without consensus? How can we move forward without being able to arrive at consensus? Four more years of this kind of pitched battle may be more than this country can take. We have to change it, we have to change it.

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