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A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. These words have been central to American life since 1791. In recent years the Second Amendment has come under fire because of mass shootings, and the guns are being blamed. The left has said the only way to deter gun violence is to abolish the individual’s right to own firearms, in particular so called “assault” weapons.

I have held and fired “assault” weapons in the past. My favorite was a modified AR-10 sniper rifle. It looked awesome (or in a liberal’s eyes, evil) and it was the best firearm I have ever fired. I have also been to several gun shows in my life, and I see AK-47 rifles everywhere. Now, I ask myself quite often, “If the liberals are correct and guns do kill people, how does anyone make it out of a gun show alive?” Then I remember that guns don’t kill people, murderous sociopaths kill people. When there is a bombing we blame the bomber, but when there is a shooting, why do we blame the gun? The answer is quite simple. The left is trying to take away our firearms to make the people defenseless against tyranny. A friend of mine said only militias should have firearms and only to protect the government. My counterargument (which changed his opinion overall) was that the Second Amendment guarantees both the individual right to firearms as well as the right to keep a militia. A perfect example of this right being exercised was when a group of armed citizens stood up to Uncle Sam and helped Cliven Bundy keep his land out of the intrusive paws of the government. The Second Amendment allows citizens to own military grade weaponry to counter a tyrannical government. Logically, if the law enforcement isn’t to protect the people, their purpose is to enforce laws, not necessarily protect the people. This is why the people need fully automatic weapons. This is what the Framers intended with this amendment, not only this but the right of the people to defend themselves against the government and other criminals individually, not only with a militia.

guncrimeI know there are anti-firearm folks reading this article. I ask you this: if guns kill people, why does Russia have a murder rate four times as high as the United States, when the Russian government enforces very strict gun laws? The Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy found European countries with tougher gun laws had HIGHER murder rates, while countries with few gun control laws had lower murder rates. An example is Switzerland, where 50% of the people own guns and they have the lowest murder rate in the world. So, it is clear guns do not kill people, insane people murder people. “Assault” weapon bans and gun bans overall only take guns away from law abiding citizens. Someone hell bent on shooting a place up will pay attention to a gun free sign? They won’t go to another store where there isn’t a gun free sign, they’ll just shoot up the place with the gun free sign. For example, the Aurora, Colorado theater shooter looked for the theater that did not allow firearms. Adam Lanza shot up a gun free elementary school. If only every school had the same policy of John Pearl Elementary School. Their marquee says, “WARNING: half of our teachers carry Glock 45 caliber pistols. Guess which ones.”

Contrary to what the media wants you to think, gun owners are in the majority in the United States. There are 270 million firearms in the United States, 88 firearms for 100 residents. The main reason America cannot be defeated in a conventional war is because of the armed civilian population. If the government takes away all of the guns,-

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America would lose her last line of defense against a foreign invasion in case our military fails. We cannot be the ones who stood on the sidelines while the government made America vulnerable. We will not be the ones who stood guard if America dies.

I challenge all the anti-firearm folks reading this that want to save lives to deal with the real problems, not guns. The reason people are killed “by” guns is because of the person pulling the trigger. Banning “assault” weapons would not be effective. It would be putting a band aid on an amputated limb; an amputated limb needs more care than a small cut. The corrupted people that kill and harm others with the gun, being the amputated limb. I am not saying I have a specific solution, but we need to find a solution without taking away our right to own firearms.

Help save America: buy a firearm.

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