Saturday Night Live Mocks Obama on Executive Amnesty – This may be their Best Skit in Years!

This past week’s Saturday Night Live’s cold open was a biting indictment of President Obama’s decision to go it alone on illegal immigration and provide amnesty for some 5 million illegal aliens. In 3 short minutes they pretty much prove that the President is acting in an illegal and un-American manner on amnesty.

Our Congress has traditionally held all of the power when it comes to immigration –

Our Constitution clearly delineates a separation of powers. Congress is vested with writing laws and the President is charged with executing those laws. This is especially true when it comes to immigration.

At the end of the 19th century, the Supreme Court declared that Congress had “plenary power” (meaning full and complete) to regulate immigration. Derived from Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, the doctrine is based on the concept that immigration is a question of national sovereignty, relating to a nation’s right to define its own borders and restrict entrance therein. As the high court observed, “Over no conceivable subject is the legislative power of Congress more complete.”

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But the folks at SNL said it so much better than I can – do yourself a favor and watch what may be the best skit they’ve done in years.


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