Saturday Night Live does ISIS skit – Most of America Shakes their Head

By now you’ve likely heard about the ISIS skit that ran on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. The skit is a copy of a Toyota Camry commercial called “My Bold Dad” that first ran about a month ago. The original commercial is about a father-daughter relationship and culminates with the daughter heading off the Army – it’s a very touching advertisement that has gone viral over the last month.

Here’s the original ad –


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A little sappy sure and a very, very popular commercial. So, the kind of thing that SNL is known for mocking or at the very least using as satire. And so they did…

SNL is used to causing controversy but may have been a bit surprised by the ire their satire of this Toyota commercial has caused. SNL used the commercial as the foundation for a skit that featured a daughter going off to join … ISIS.

Here’s the skit –


I personally don’t get what all the hubbub is about. The skit doesn’t seem to be mocking ISIS victims or even our response to ISIS but instead it’s mocking stupid American teens who join up with them. Also, satire is part of what makes freedom great – we mock pain, we mock cruelty, we mock. And in mocking we win some small (perhaps unimportant, perhaps not) victory.

So what do you think? Should I be more upset than I am? Am I way off base? Is the skit funny? Is it in poor taste? Is it something that should have caused the strife that it has caused?

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