Saturday Night Live Drools Over Hillary Clinton – Bashes Donald Trump

This past weekends episode of Saturday Night Live featured Hillary Clinton in her longest media appearance of the campaign! It was an amazing coup for the comedy sketch show, but must have made journalists and reporters across the nation pretty upset. I mean, what does SNL have that Nightline or Dateline or 60 Minutes doesn’t have?

We all know that the main stream media and Hollywood are in an emotionally (if not sexually) awkward relationship with the Clinton family, and the same can be said of Hillary Clinton. On Saturday evening she enjoyed what she likely hopes was her “Arsenio moment.”

I don’t know if it was (I sure hope it wasn’t), but I do know that the folks at Saturday Night Live sure tried their best to help get her elected.

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In the skit, an actress playing Hillary Clinton (comedienne Kate McKinnon) confides her deepest fears to her local barkeep (played by the real Hillary Clinton). The skit allows Clinton to paper over some of her recent “mistakes,” while also giving her cover from some bad policy decisions. However, the most important thing that the appearance on SNL tried to do was to humanize the robotic Hillary Clinton for America.

The show also had a skit about one of the GOP candidates, Donald Trump. However, that skit took a far less favorable view than the one with Clinton.

The show started off with a cold-open sketch showcasing Taran Killam’s fine Trump impersonation, plus Cecily Strong as Trump’s wife Melania. The punchlines weren’t anything special (they boiled down to: he talks policy gibberish, but attacks Megyn Kelly all too clearly), yet Killam’s rendering of Trump was special indeed: he had the bleating voice, the pursed lower lip, and the bratty-kid frown down cold. 

Once again the media is in the tank for a candidate with the last name Clinton… I feel like we’ve seen this exact same thing 4 of the last 6 or 7 election cycles. It’s a little like déjà vu, except a whole lot worse.

For his part, Trump is being a good sport about this and he told the folks on Fox News’ Fox & Friends Sunday morning that he loved the SNL parody of him.

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