Saturday Night Live Dings Obama – “Ebola Probably One of My Greatest Accomplishments!”

The folks at Saturday Night Live started their show this past weekend by hitting President Obama on his administration’s handling of the Ebola virus.

The cold open was one of the few times SNL has gone after the President over the last six years, but this one was worth the wait.

Not only did they knock the President on Ebola, but also on the Secret Service Scandal, the IRS and NSA scandals, and the Obamacare rollout!

(Which tells me that SNL is admitting that there is a lot to make fun of when it comes to the White House.)

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The crew also did a bang-up job uncovering the political nature of Ron Klain’s appointment as Ebola Czar.

I really hope we see SNL going after President Obama and the Democrats more in the next two years…


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