Sarah Palin wants Ted Cruz to Stay in the Senate


Monday morning on NBC’s the Today Show, the former Alaska Governor made an appearance to discuss Donald Trump’s campaign for the White House and Palin’s decision to endorse Trump over [score]Ted Cruz[/score].

While many in the media and around the country have wondered if this was a difficult decision for Palin to make, considering the relationship that she was thought to have with Cruz and his staff, Palin said that the decision was not difficult at all.

Savannah Guthrie: This was probably a tough call for you between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

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Sarah Palin: It wasn’t tough

No. It wasn’t tough. I supported Ted Cruz in his run for Senate there out of Texas. And when I endorsed him he was barely a blip on the radar screen down there in terms of in the polls and what people were perceiving and then at the last minute being able to get in there, hopefully we helped add some momentum to his campaign.

I support him being there in the Senate to be a fighter for the American people, for our will. I want to keep him in the Senate and I want Donald Trump to be our president.

While it no doubt hurts Cruz and his campaign that Palin has chosen to endorse his competitor instead of him, Palin did her best to not criticize Cruz, even as she praised Trump. While this may seem like a small thing, in the political arena, it most certainly is not. For Cruz, being able to show that Palin still supports him, likes him and even believes him to be an important asset in the Senate will go a long way to keeping him in the good graces of Palin supporting Republicans. Sure, Palin may have endorsed Donald Trump and she may even be campaigning for him… but she also seems to believe that Ted Cruz wouldn’t be a bad option for the White House either.

If Trump continues to falter after Iowa, more Palin-supporting Trump voters may begin turning in Cruz’s direction.

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