Sarah Palin Delivers Delicious Kick to Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski: ‘I Can See 2022 From My House’

The best reply to Murkowski’s perfidy was from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Alaska’s “Republican” Senator, Lisa Murkowski, announced on Friday that she is a “no” vote on the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. But the best reply to Murkowski’s perfidy was from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

On Friday morning, Murkowski was the only “no” vote for cloture (ending debate and setting the time for a full floor vote) on the suitability of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the high court. From a cloture vote, a nominee then has a 30-hour wait until an up or down vote of the full U.S. Senate can be convened to confirm or deny the candidate’s nomination.

The vote for cloture was mostly a party line vote, all Republicans went for a “yes” and all Democrats a “no” … except…. two votes went crosswise, as far as their party was concerned. First of all, West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin crossed the aisle and voted “yes” on cloture and to send the nomination to a floor vote. But, even though the Republican Party barely has the numbers to win a strict party vote issue, reputed “Republican” Murkowski voted “no” on cloture AND later said that she is a no vote in the coming full Senate vote, too.

“I believe that Brett Kavanaugh is a good man, I believe he is a good man. But it just may be that in my view he’s not the right man for the court at this time,” Murkowsli bloviated Friday after the cloture vote. “This has truly been the most difficult evaluation of a decision that I’ve ever had to make and I’ve made some interesting ones in my political career.”

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In fewer words Murkowski said, “Kavanaugh is a good man, but I want him destroyed, anyway.”

That is when former Alaska Governor and one-time Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, jumped to her Twitter account to say, “Hey @LisaMurkowski – I can see 2022 from my house.”

The tweet comes on the heels of Palin’s admission earlier this year that she could very easily decide to run for some office or another sometime in the future.

Did she just find her campaign?

Palin’s tweet ribbing Murkowski sure is a strong hint that she is leaning that way, for sure.

Palin and Murkowski last tangled in 2010 when the former Governor endorsed Murkowski’s opponent in the Senate race that year. Murkowski did not win her party’s nomination during that race.

Murkowski, though, ran as a write-in candidate and became the first U.S. Senator to win by write-in since the 1960s.

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