Sarah Huckabee Sanders Smacks Down Fake News

Reporters at the daily White House briefing tried to tell Sarah Huckabee Sanders that they merely made “honest mistakes.”

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders triggered a few so-called “journalists” at a press briefing yesterday.

They had the temerity to complain that Trump didn’t denounce Russian “disinformation.”

What disinformation?

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If they are referring to the unproven assertion that Russia helped Wikileaks, Julian Assange’s record with the truth is better than CNN’s!

If they mean the stupid Facebook ads about Satan vs Jesus and other stupid stuff, no one cared about that because it was impotent to change any election.

Imagine this old Cold War pop song being re-sung as “99 Facebook Ads.” That’s how stupid the media is being.

The Washington Times reports, “White House clashes with reporters over ‘fake news.’

“You cannot say it is an honest mistake when you are putting up information that is purposefully false,” Mrs. Sanders fired back at the daily White House briefing.

A reporter accused the president of slamming “fake news” but remaining silent on disinformation spread by Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.


Mrs. Sanders also tangled with CNN’s Jim Acosta, who has often been at odds with the White House. He shouted out that reporters make “honest mistakes” and correct them, but Mr. Trump never corrects tweets and remarks that the reporter described as not factual.

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