Sandy Hook Shooter Is Now the Template for All Autism Suspects

A D.A. compared a boy in court for fighting to the Sandy Hook shooter because autism.

Apparently, Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter, is now the stereotype that prosecutors must refer to when that have to make a case against an autistic person. Before Lanza was identified as the Sandy hook shooter, I don’t remember ever seeing a story about a violent or dangerous person who had autism or Asperger’s. But now the Sandy Hook shooter has become a character type for youths who haven’t done anything nearly as violent.

Thus, Westword reports, “DA Compares Child With Autism to Sandy Hook Shooter in Assault Case.

The lawsuit stems from an incident in October 2015 in which Thompson and another student had an altercation during their fifth-grade gym class. Thompson was allegedly pushed to the ground and retaliated with a “slap” — which the victim’s parents described as a “closed-fist sucker-punch” in a court hearing last month. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office recommended that the case be forwarded to a juvenile detective soon after.

Somehow this children’s fight has been the subject of a court case that has lasted two years!

“I do want to make a little bit of record, because here’s the problem,” said Deputy District Attorney Deborah Wrenholt during a July 2016 court session. “Some of these autistic kids can be very violent. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Adam Lanza, but that’s what we’re trying to avoid. Sometimes there needs to be up-front stuff so that somebody doesn’t become violent.

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