San Francisco Now Allowing Illegal Aliens to Vote

San Francisco is the latest big American city to change election laws to allow illegal aliens to vote.

San Francisco is the latest big American city to change election laws to allow illegal aliens to vote.

Shockingly, San Francisco is now the first city in the left-wing state to allow illegals to vote in city elections.

According to the Associated Press:

San Francisco will become the largest city in the United States and one of only a handful nationwide to allow noncitizens, including people in the country illegally, to vote in a local election in November.

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They are only allowed to vote in the city school board race, and the fear that their information may reach U.S. officials appears to be stronger than the desire to have a say in their children’s education. Only 35 noncitizens have signed up to vote as of Monday, the registration deadline in California, according to San Francisco’s Department of Elections.

Noncitizens must provide their address and date of birth to register for the school board race. They can’t vote in state or federal elections.

But, San Francisco is not the only U.S. city to allow non-citizens to vote.

A growing number of liberal cities are changing voting laws to allow noncitizens to vote.

Chicago recently passed new rules to allow noncitizens to vote in the Windy City. College Park, Maryland, a suburb of Washington D.C., also made similar laws.

Indeed, Maryland has several cities that allow illegals to vote. Hyattsville, Mount Rainier, Takoma Park, Barnesville, Garrett Park, Glen Echo, Martin’s Additions, and Somerset also allow noncitizens to vote.

In all, eleven states now allow noncitizens to vote.

Those states include, Connecticut, Delaware, New Mexico, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Nebraska, Oregon, Tennessee, and Wyoming.

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