San Francisco Decides 125-Year-Old Pioneer Statue is ‘Racist’

The San Francisco city council has decided that a statue erected in 1894 to memorialize the city’s founding is now too “racist” to be allowed to stand.

The San Francisco city council has decided that a statue erected in 1894 to memorialize the city’s founding is now too “racist” to be allowed to stand.

Here we go again, liberals deciding to white wash our collective history, to PC history and erase anything they don’t like.

The memorial consists of a central pedestal upon which sits the female figure of Minerva. But the Roman goddess isn’t the problem. Around the central pedestal sits four smaller statues to California history, one of which is titled “Early Days.”

The “Early Days” statue features a Spanish Missionary, a vaquero (Spanish cowboy), and a Native American. But the racebaiters insist that this statue is “racist” because it depicts the missionary delivering a Christian blessing to the Indian who sits prone on the ground looking up.

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The order to remove the statue has been a long time coming, of course. Left-wing groups have been agitating against the statue for years. And in February the city’s “Historic Preservation Commission” had approved the removal.

Now it looks like the removal is imminent.

As Daily Caller reports:

San Francisco Arts Commission spokeswoman Kate Patterson didn’t give the exact date of the statue’s removal due to security reasons, according to East Bay Times.

“The San Francisco Arts Commission can now move forward with the removal of this racist and disrespectful sculpture, which has no place in our city,” Patterson said in a statement to The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Following its removal, the sculpture will be placed in storage, and a didactic plaque will be erected near the monument explaining the rationale for the sculpture’s removal.”

Naturally, the liberal activists are thoroughly excited by the move.

According to the the San Francisco Chronicle :

“This has been a tough 30-plus years. But this is wonderful,” said Dee Dee Ybarra, an Ohlone tribal leader who urged the commissioners to remove the statue.


San Francisco’s Arts Commission and Historic Preservation Commission had both signed off on a proposal to remove the “Early Days” statue and put it into storage. But the plan was frozen after an appeal was filed by Frear Stephen Schmid, an attorney in Petaluma. Schmid argued that neither commission had the authority to remove the sculpture and that the decision was inconsistent with the city’s standards for removing or altering historic artifacts.

The Board of Appeals sided with Schmid in April, largely on the grounds that the Historic Preservation Commission erred in approving the statue’s removal because it would change the Pioneer Monument’s historic character. But the appeals board granted the city a chance to make its case for removal one more time at Wednesday’s rehearing.

The Arts Commission had originally proposed removing the sculpture last year after a demonstration in Charlottesville, Va., at the site of a Confederate statue. That rally, which resulted in the death of a counterprotester, started a national reckoning around removing historical monuments that, to many, glorify racial or cultural oppression.

At Wednesday’s meeting, representatives of the Arts and Historic Preservation Commission argued that both bodies were acting well within the rights given to them by the City Charter when it comes to decisions about the city’s public art collection. Before their vote, several Board of Appeals commissioners said they were gratified to have received a clearer picture of the city’s rules and how they were interpreted.

So, there we have it. Yet another bit of history being erased by the left.

If you haven’t learned it by now, folks, liberalism is an enemy to our country.

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