Salty CNN Analyst, “People Do Not Have a ‘Right’ to Stay Anonymous”

There is a 100% forecast of salty showers falling in the CNN hemisphere of reality!

A CNN analyst took to Twitter to rant and rave about the anonymous Reddit user who created the hilarious WWE meme video of President Trump beating up a CNN logo.

Boo-freaking-who. I bet they would have thought it was hilarious and shared it out among their social media sites if it was video of Hillary beating up a Fox News logo, or perhaps another photo of Trump’s bloody, severed head.

CNN is literally so blind to their own bias that they wouldn’t realize if a snake was about to bite them.

Kirsten Powers, CNN analyst, claims that Americans “do not have a right to stay anonymous” when expressing their opinions…..which could be offensive.

It’s the internet. People have “usernames” and fake pictures for a reason: to remain anonymous. It is their right to privacy to be able to do so…….but snowflakes can’t comprehend simple logic so it makes sense the Powers would whine like so.

The Daily Caller reports: 

The CNN commentator took issue with the people from all sides of the political aisle taking the side of the Reddit user, who goes by the pseudonym “HanAssholeSolo,” and argued he didn’t deserve any sympathy due to his past “anti-semitic racist, and anti-gay” posts.

She also said that big news outlets revealing the names of anonymous internet users would not “destroy” the doxxed.

Liberals just absolutely hate when they cannot control the masses with their rhetoric.

So there you have it. CNN does not respect the American citizen’s privacy because it should not be allowed….because they got butthurt from a teenage kid.

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